Essential Checklist: Preparing for Your Will Drafting Session

20 June

Preparing a will is an important step in managing your estate and ensuring your wishes are honoured after you pass away. Before meeting with a solicitor to draft your will, it’s beneficial to have several items prepared to make the process as...[Read More]

Time and Wealth: The Essential Connection

20 June

In our pursuit of wealth, we often find ourselves caught in the relentless cycle of earning, saving, and investing.  While accumulating wealth is undoubtedly a significant goal, it is essential to recognise that time, the finite resource we all...[Read More]

Essential Components for Crafting an Effective Business Plan

20 June

Creating a business plan is a crucial step for any entrepreneur or business owner. It serves as a roadmap, guiding the business from its initial stages through growth and development.    A well-crafted business plan not only helps in securing...[Read More]

Boomers won’t give up retirement dreams for kids

13 June

Boomers can see younger Australians are struggling financially and want to help where they can, but they are not willing to do so at the expense of their retirement lifestyle, new research shows. Four in five Australians over 65 think their children...[Read More]

Credit cards, crypto banned for online gambling

12 June

Australians are now banned from making online bets with credit cards and digital currencies as the government tries to stop them from gambling away money they do not have. Credit cards linked to digital wallets, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and any...[Read More]

Permit for Airbnbs amid housing crisis crack down

13 June

Property owners will be forced to acquire a permit to operate an Airbnb in Brisbane amid the impact of short-stay accommodation on housing supply. Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner will introduce a system to regulate the rise in Airbnb in the...[Read More]

Grants for homes ‘save billions on big energy projects’

12 June

Each household should be offered up to $6500 to install grid-connected solar batteries and landlords incentivised to join the renewable energy revolution, a report has found. The Clean Energy Council made the recommendations in a study released on...[Read More]

Understanding the Importance of Income Protection Insurance

13 June

When we think about insurance, our minds often gravitate toward the tangible assets we own. We insure our cars against accidents, our homes against damage, and even the contents within our homes against theft or loss.  Yet, one of the most critical...[Read More]

Actors, writers, voice artists call for urgent AI laws

5 June

Artificial intelligence technology could be used to mislead Australians and steal creative work from artists and writers, a union has warned, while calling for laws to prevent its misuse. The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance issued the call on...[Read More]

Treasury boss backs the young to navigate housing mess

5 June

Young Australians are not getting the same opportunities to step onto the property ladder as the generations that came before them, the top Treasury official says. The future for young people was not “bleak” despite the cohort facing “very...[Read More]

Brisvegas is second most expensive after Emerald City

6 June

Australia’s real estate values have undergone a reshuffle with Brisbane now the second most expensive city to buy a house. The Queensland capital, nicknamed Brisvegas, has leapfrogged Canberra to sit behind Sydney for the first time since 1997. It...[Read More]

Buy now, pay later laws introduced to shield vulnerable

5 June

It will be harder for vulnerable Australians to access buy now, pay later credit schemes thanks to legislation introduced in federal parliament. The law will create stronger protections for those using credit lenders by making sure adequate user...[Read More]

Australians love diversity but say migration ‘too high’

5 June

Almost one in two people believe there are too many migrants moving to Australia, even though the vast majority of Australians believe cultural diversity is a boon for the nation. A new poll released by the Lowy Institute on Australian attitudes...[Read More]

Federal appeals tribunal gets legal overhaul, new name

29 May

Thousands of people who have cases before the federal appeals tribunal will soon have their decisions reviewed faster. Laws overhauling the Administrative Appeals Tribunal passed federal parliament on Tuesday, paving the way for cases to be...[Read More]

Call to expand reasons to ignore boss in new work laws

22 May

A worker’s right to ignore unreasonable out-of-hours contact from their boss should expressly include when they are on approved leave as well as staffing arrangements, the peak union body says. Right to disconnect laws passed by the Albanese...[Read More]