Wishing you all the best for the holiday season

Dear clients, friends, family, colleagues and other professionals,

It’s that time of year again where we all get to reflect on the past year and prepare for a well earned break over December/January.

It has been a busy year for us all.  We celebrated our tenth birthday and transitioned to a new client software management system to allow us to work more efficiently.

We have seen many longstanding clients return to us for big milestones in their lives (moving into retirement and aged care) as well as helping their children to get started in the property market and put in place estate planning documents for their families.

Conveyancing has been busy despite all the warnings regarding interest rate increases.

Sadly, a number of our clients have passed away this year and we send our condolences to family members. We thank those clients for allowing us to assist in the finalisation of their loved one’s estates. We understand that Christmas can be a difficult time.

On a personal note, this year both Melanie and Kathryn were able to take a well earned break with their families.  Next year we prepare for three of our staff members to jet off on their long planned overseas holidays…thanks to our great team we have all been able to coordinate our holidays well so that our workflow isn’t impacted. We are thankful that we are all able to plan together and that everyone has a happy work/life balance.

What will 2024 bring for you? Remember that we are here to help you through the key milestones of life, whether that be buying or selling a property, updating your estate planning, assisting after the loss of a loved one or buying or selling a business.

We wish you all the best for 2024.

Kathryn, Melanie, Annette, Sarah, Kathleen and Aurelia


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