Things to do to entertain teenage kids living at home

Sometimes, it may seem as though we have no connection to our formerly young, now-adolescent children.

It can be difficult to relate with teenagers as they navigate adolescence by developing their own interests, experimenting with various social groups, testing boundaries, and taking risks.

They each develop distinct tastes. Their behaviour changes. They no longer express their emotions as openly as they did as kids, and of late, it may seem like you’re having a lot of one-sided conversations.

Your teenage kids might no longer be interested in those things that you used to enjoy doing together when they were younger.

But as parents, we know how important it is to get to know our kids and keep that familial bond alive – no matter their age.

One way to accomplish this is by participating in the following activities designed to entertain teenage kids. These are simple enough to do, are engaging without being stressful, and will also leave both you and your teens feeling satisfied.

1. Cook together.

Ask your kids about their favourite dishes and propose to put together a meal with some of their top picks. Let them make a grocery list and go to the supermarket together. Help them pick out fresh ingredients or just let them do everything on their own.

Prepare the ingredients together when you get home. If anyone volunteers to cook a particular dish, let them. Else, you can supervise the cooking. You can focus on cooking their favourite mains or prepare a full-course meal, including dessert.

Cooking is a great family bonding activity that everyone is sure to enjoy and remember. Of course, partaking in the meal after is something you’ll all look forward to. Who knows, this may even turn out to be something you can do every weekend.

2. Teach them automotive basics.

Aside from teaching them how to wash the car and clean the interior, share your car maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge with your teens. These include checking tyre pressure and changing tyres, oil, and water.

If they’ll be doing the cleaning or any maintenance tasks for you, be prepared to give them fair compensation. Whatever they learn now will prove useful when they’re on their own and become vehicle owners themselves.

3. Sing together.

Brushing up on your singing skills with karaoke is one way of spending a fun weeknight with your family. It doesn’t matter if you can’t carry a tune, as long as you and your kids have a blast. So, rather than spending most of your weekends on movie nights, allocate time for some musical merrymaking.

4. Walk, run, cycle, or hike.

Spend time together exploring or just strolling around your neighbourhood. You can walk, run, cycle, or hike as a family once in a while. You can also make any of these activities a weekly thing with your teens. Aside from the exercise you’ll all be getting, you’ll also be adding to your list of fun things you enjoy doing together as a family.

Besides these four, there are so many other activities you can try with your teens, such as playing board games, solving puzzles, and so on.

Start with what works for you and focus on what your teenage kids enjoy doing.

Have fun!

If this article has inspired you to think about your own unique situation and, more importantly, what you and your family are going through right now, please contact your advice professional.

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